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And my old man was into opera, which, as far as I was concerned, was just heavy metal. I like those bawdy opera songs. -- Bono

by roachcraft

Final night of the Chicago run. There's been a precedent for this situation: surprises, setlist shake-ups, a little something special. So this was the first time I've ever walked away from a U2 show disappointed. Wish I hadn't known they'd been soundchecking "Two Hearts". Seriously, that song alone would've made my night. But instead, the same ol' show. "California", yippee. Nights two and three were so amazing;  the trajectory was up up up, and then the final two nights were completely standard. Don't get me wrong, the band sounded great and there were wonderful moments. I'll never tire of hearing "Gloria" or "Bad" live; it's not possible. I just know that the band could've thrown us a bone--"Troubles" or "Love Comes To Town" or "Tick Tock" or "Stuck In A Moment", all played in L.A. but not in Chicago. Pretty lame. Sorry if I sound spoiled. In Chicago we HAVE been spoiled. But I didn't expect a *miracle*; just a couple of surprises or risks taken by my favorite band. Instead, they seemed more oblivious than ever before. I'll always treasure every U2 show I've seen, but if this is all the variety we can expect any more, I guess it's time to cut back on shows. Feeling let down at the end of a Chicago run doesn't feel right at all.

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