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"People can't shock me with their capacity for evil — or for goodness." — Bono

by darren wills

finally i got to see the vertigo tour. what a night it was. i went with my girlfriend, brother and best mate.
we were right by the right hand b-stage and i think it was the best position in the whole stadium. bono sang sometimes right in front of us and seeing him put everything into that song is something i will never forget. but the highlight of the show either had to be the surprise of wild horses or just how unbelieveably cool zoo station is now with the visuals.
the new songs fitted in perfectly with the older ones and the crowd in the bomb shelter responded just as well to both.
it had to be a good night cause my girlfriend now says she understands why i am so obsessed with u2 live.
anyway as bono said thanks to willie williams for the effects of the staging.
just a shame it is the only time i will see them on the vertigo tour

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