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"The word suggests his shape, his vibe. There was a hearing-aid shop, Bonovox of O'Connell Street. I thought he looked like the place." — Guggi, on the origins of Bono's name

by Casterb

Last time I went to a U2 concert, I was 16, it was in Lausanne and it was part of the zooTV/zooropa tour. At this time, I was more thrilled by rock bands from Seattle than by U2.. But this concert was so amazing that I could not refrain myself from loving it and since then I kept an incredible memory of this moment. The music was perfect, the show was innovative, the band played for more than 2 hours. You could really feel an extraordinary creativity and energy above everything I have witnessed since.
That's why I decided that a comparable experience in 2005 was worth spending 200£ for two tickets.
Sadly, I must admit that I feel very disapointed today and would write the fact that the show was bad for mny different reasons. Firstly, the sound was quite appalling from the west stand. On some of the quiet songs you could hardly understand the melody. The guitar was much too loud and had a kind of a scratchy sound. It is certainly linked to the fact that Twickenham is very large and closed but a 20 year experienced crew should normally be used to it.
Secondly, I flet that the band was not really involved in the show. Larry made some unexpected mistakes, Bono forgot some words... It felt like the band member could not hear each other. It also think they could not hear the crowd as they started several songs regardless of what the crowd was singing.
Overall, it gave me the impression that the band was either tired or too relaxed but moves seemed like mechanical rather than spontaneous.
As for the light show, we didn't really had time to enjoy it as the show started quite early and therefore was mainly performed during daylight.
Eventually, I must admit that I would have loved more songs form the early 90's such as mysterious ways or end of the world...
So despite a very beautiful stage, the quality of U2's songs and my appreciation for all their career/songs, I regret having spent so much money for this show.

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