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"I tell you, it is not really about what he taught me and what I taught him. It is about what we were both taught by the people that we met." — Bono, on his 2002 trip to Africa with U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill

by misterboo

I think that this was the best U2 show i've ever been to. We were at the front of the Bomb Shelter, dead centre in front of Bono's mic on the hottest June day in London since 1977. Some notes:

- Crowd really amazing in the Bomb Shelter tonight. An incredibly hot day but everyone was so up for it. Bono said of the Edge: "He never sweats. He's too cool".

- Bono pulled a girl up on stage again for With or Without You and added a snippet of a recent song, 'Take Me to the Clouds Above', that reached number one in the UK charts, and that samples 'With or Without You'.

- Bob Geldof, Steve Lillywhite and Richard Curtis (director of Four Weddings, Love Actually etc), leading light in the Comic Relief effort here in the UK and the man who came up with the idea of Make Poverty History were in the house and Bono gave them a nod before One. He also thanked Blair and Brown for their efforts on debt relief and told them to go further at the G8 summit in a couple of weeks.

- Bono sang'Happy Birthday' to Ang Sang Sui Kyi and a snippet of Walk On at the end of Running to Stand Still.

- Humourously, Bono totally forgot the first line of 'Yahweh' and had to return to the main stage so that he could ask Edge what it was. Adam also slightly cocked up the intro to Streets, but it was clear that he was loving the whole show, taking regular walkabouts and grinning all the time.

- At the end of the show, the band waved goodbye, but Larry stayed on stage for a few extra seconds to give another wave. Incidentally, he looked amazing- tanned and muscular, like he was made out of gold.

- Bono grabbed a helium balloon reading 'Thank You' from the hand of an audience member, and at the start of City of Blinding Lights let it go. Half way through the song he was still pointing at it as it rose to the heavens. The "blessings" referred to at the end of the song he directed to "Nellee" (Hooper?).

- I Still Haven't Found and Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses were great surprises to shake up the setlist a bit.

- Bono introduced the second Vertigo by saying it was an "encore, from the Spanish encora" and threw in a snippet of The Clash's 'London Calling', shouting "We live by the river!".

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