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"'Streets' is the gift that keeps on giving. The way it reinvents itself every tour is probably part of the magic — we've never got bored with it." — Willie Williams

by DrivenVoxAC30

Well, what a show. This is my 3rd show, having seen them at Wembley (Zooropa) and Earls Court (Elevation). This show definitely has the best of all of those tours & more. I have for 8 years always felt like I missed out on Popmart, but last night really made up for that.
Highlights: Still haven't found what I'm looking for (let's go to church!)Wild horses, first time for Walk on this tour & the genius which was "Take me to the clouds above" during WOWY.
So many namechecks during the show, Aang san Sukki, Bob Geldof, Steve Lillywhite and I think Willie Williams got a big thank you at the end.
I was up in the upper tier of the north stand and was expecting everyone to be up for the gig, but jumping up for Vertigo, realised that everyone around me was still sat down!! This left me as a bit of a coiled spring, until...Sunday bloody Sunday, I think the Spirit entered the stadium at that point, because everyone (including fairweather fans) were all up and having a great time, we were up for the rest of the show!
Roll on Cardiff, (again in the upper tier, please everyone, just rock!!)

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