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"We were also annoyed at the word rock." — Bono, on coming up with the album title Pop

by Robbie G.


OK, maybe an overstatement born of first-U2-concert euphoria, but an exceptional night of rock-n-roll and celebrity nonetheless. Bono seemed sincerely grateful toward the crowd. Not only in words "Thanks for a great life," but also by his actions and expressions.
From the floor, the fans more than returned the love. This was as loud as I've ever heard a crowd. Everyone was totally into it, from "Oh. You. Look. So. Beautiful.." (Blinding Lights), right through the last round of 40's "How long..."
With this tour and album, U2 has not only retained their place as the best rock band on the planet, but is cementing their place as one of the best of all time.

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