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Some stupid U2 fans think that we have all the answers and that maybe we can save their world. But the majority of U2 fans are much smarter than that. -- Bono

by Jenny Sermas

This was my very first U2 show. I was barely 13 years old. That night was my older brother Jason's 15th birthday. In celebration of his birthday, both my older brothers, myself, and 4 of their friends went to this show. We loved Boy, October, and War and we were all very excited to see actually see U2 live. On previous tours, we were too young to get into the venue. Our music teacher at school had seen U2 in Philadelphia during the October tour and made us listen to Boy and October during "Record Day" on Friday's! We loved him needless to say!

The concert was a night that changed my life forever. We never sat in our seats. In fact, we didn't even know where our seats were. As soon as U2 hit the stage, we ran down front. We jumped and screamed all night. During the show, Bono walked into the crowed over the seats and down the aisle while holding a white flag. One of my brother's held the flag with him. At the end of the show, Bono pulled a woman up on stage and he shook up a bottle of champagne and sprayed the audience. Everyone in the audience that night seemed to know that they just witnessed something great. U2 is going to be huge someday. We could feel it in our bones.

Since that night, I have seen every U2 tour. So far, I have seen them 30 times. U2 music has become the greatest Love affair of my life as a result of that night at the Tower in Philly! During the Vertigo tour, U2 will be playing Philly on May 14th, 2005. It will be exactly 22 years since my very first U2 show on that night! I cannot wait for that show!

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