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"It's lucky I'm in a band. I'd be obnoxious as a solo artist." — Bono

by CoExIsT


After an unbelievable concert the night before, I couldnt imagine how it could any better. But I was wrong. It did tonight.

I woke up that day with all sun burns from the day before, but it was worth it. The day rolled very quickly. The weather was perfect. Bright sunny day with no cloud in the sky. I was all too exited for round 2 with my good mate Adrian. We have long waited for this. He is a huge U2 fan as well and he had booked first class seats in the A Reserve section. He also went to the 1993 concert when they came out. I was looking forward to sitting and enjoying the concert. The weeks leading up to the concert, we kept emailing each other U2 stuff, so we were really ready to have a explosive night.

We made our way to our section. The seats were perfect and the weather that night was beautiful. Then, as 8.45pm hit, Bono and co walked out of the tunnel and the lights went out and we knew then that it was game on. The stadium from that view was unbelievable. It was jam packed and it felt like a true Saturday night, a Saturday night I will never forget. The crowd that night was much more energetic than the Friday night, which made the night a lot more enjoyable (we did Mexican waves etc). Then, it commenced, with the beautiful instrumental introduction to the COBL. It was unbelievable from up there. Adrian was pumped. He was soaking up the atmosphere. I just couldnt believe my eyes again. I felt I had been blessed. Bonos voice was perfect as usual. The main highlights from this concert were as follows:
Listening to Vertigo and watching the crowd from the stands was something unreal.
When Elevation was played, the concert went into party mode. That was a crowd entertainer as well. It was funny when Bono sung a snippet to Kylie Minogues song spinning around. Adrian laughed and commented He always does that shit. That was funny
When UTEOTW came on, Adrian erupted, as he loves the Achtung Baby album. I expected them to play it, but it was always great to hear again.
I then expected NYD, which they played. It was one of their great old songs. It sounded great, especially the piano.
Then, I told Adrian that Beautiful Day was due, and I wasnt let down. Seeing the song commence and lead into the chorus from in the stands was like seeing a glowing fire ball erupt. The Ellipse looked fantastic and Bonos vocals were super strong. I really enjoyed listening to it, perhaps more than the night before. I was able to feel it much more. It was a unique feeling soaking up the sound, atmosphere and meaning of the song. I loved towards the end of the song when he starts singing Hajellulia and Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and Blackbird. That was unreal and sounded fabulous.
I was expecting Yahweh so I told Adrian that Yahweh was next. But to my huge surprise, after thanking the crowd, they sailed into I still havent found what Im looking for, one of the all time great U2 songs. It was crazy when they played it. It felt like going back to the 1980s with the sound and chorus. Bono was loving it. I was extremely satisfied and happy they played it.
After making an error in my prediction of the previous song, I wasnt 100% of the next song, but I still told Adrian that Walk On would be played. Again, I was wrong and happy when they played Stuck in the moment. Actually, that day, I had a feeling they would play it. It sounded great. Bono had no trouble reaching the high notes. It was a song that the majority of the crowd knew and could relate to.
SYCMIOYO was next. I really was looking forward to sitting back and listening to the power of Bonos vocals for this song. I wanted to soak every feeling. I wasnt disappointed. Bono provided more that our moneys worth. He really unleashed. The heavens could hear his vocals. All I can say is that it was unbelievable to experience this in such a huge stadium on such a night. He beautifully provided a acapela snippet of Pavarottis Torna a Surriento.
During the political period of LPOE, Sunday Bloody Sunday and BTBS, it was the same theme as the night before. I must mention that the start of SBS was an unforgettable moment. Watching the crowd erupt from the stands was breathtaking and the power and emotion was so evident. This was a highlight for me.
Miss Sarajevo was beautiful and Bono earned our hearts with his Pavarotti performance. I felt every bit of it.
Listening to Pride was always good.
Then the moment came, when the concert would go into another world, a world that only U2 can take us to, and it was a world that defined breathtaking. Everything single person in the crowd was taken away by this. Words cant describe it. All I can say is WTSHNN was something special.
Then the harmony into One emerged. It was a extremely emotionally and touching harmonic sound which was collaborated with Bonos plea to us to Make Poverty History. I was moved by that moment. Its something that means so much. I was blessed to be there. The first part of the show had ended by then.
Then for the first encore, 2 of Adrians favorites were played. Zoo station and The Fly. I was disappointed they didnt play other songs. By then, I had gotten used to those 2 songs, which was a positive because I was never a big fan of those songs.
Then, WOWY was delivered. Absolutely breathtaking, especially from the stands. The scene of the crowd was a moment Ill never forget. WOWY was the ultimate live Ballard. That was the end of the first encore.
Then, the Saints are Coming was delivered. It was a fitting live rock song. It went off. We loved it.
Then I was hoping for another surprise to my liking. I was surprised, but not overwhelmed when they played Desire. Adrian was stoked. I must admit it was a great live song. Bono and co looked like they were just jamming. They were having heaps of fun.
Then the finale was brought upon me again, much to my sadness. Again, Kite made its way into my heart. It was beautiful and the emotion felt in that song could never ever be explained, only be felt. The way Bono sung it defined emotion. Adrian was happy they played it. Bonos voice had no sign of wear. I dont think Kite would ever leave me. That performance will be in me forever. Im a man Im not a childIm a man who sees the shadows in your eyes continues to play in my head and its a line that I will never forget hearing, seeing and feeling.
The concert had ended and another Round was accomplished. I could honestly confirm that this specific concert was the most enjoyable out of all 3. It was a special night, with everything being perfect. The feelings from that night are out of this world and only I (and the fans present) could ever understand.
After everyone began leaving, Adrian and I remained sitting, just reflecting I what we had experienced. We were both blown away, and we both confirmed It was the best concert ever.
Round 3 next

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