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Playing with Paul McCartney. Having that opportunity, something that for me personally, I just. . . . It's like unimaginable. It's like goosebumps. -- Larry, at Live 8, 2005

by Steve

I have seen U2 each time they have come to Sydney (this is the 5th tour here), and this blew the others away. Bono's voice was the best I have heard it ever, and he and the rest of the band were on fire. My highlights: 1. The version of SBS took me back 20 years... passionate and message driven, it was the crowd favourite I think. 2. Miss Sarajevo...Bono's version of Pavarotti sent chills down my spine, as did 3. ...streets....as it always does. 4. The Fly...the mix of great song, passionate performance and the visual overload of words and phrases spewing out from the multiple monitors was unbelievable. 5. Until the End of the World...best performance since the ZooTV tour. 6. the smile on Adams face all night, especially during his song, New Years Day. 7.The ending...an imaginative, symbolic ending played to one of my fav songs from ATYCLB.

Just 3 disappointments:
1. The sound. We were in A reserve seats, ie the most expensive, on the side, fairly high up and well back. Here the acoustics were terrible such that I could not hear what Bono was saying at any stage. 2. I have said for a while that Bullet the Blue Sky should be given a rest. They have tried many different versions and this is not the strongest (although I understand it fits in with the theme of that part of the show). 3. whilst I like Zoo Station, I think that it caused a lull at that part of the show.

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