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"When people are screaming in some stadium or arena, they're not screaming at you, they're screaming at themselves and the moment that song represents." — Bono

by deck

Wow!!! What an amazing experience! This was the first time I had ever seen U2 from a GA area and it was absolutely worth every minute of waiting all day in the hot Sydney sun. After a mad rush into the front D section, we made a bee-line for the first free barrier section that we saw, which happened to be about halfway along the outside of Edges runway. I never thought that I would ever be this close at a U2 show.. but here we were! Kanye West put on a good show, the sound was good and he got the crowd up the fron into it. I really enjoyed "Jesus Walks" During U2's line check, the bass tech walked past us, lent over and gave a genuine U2 bass plectrum to the guy right next to me... oh well, just missed out! When "Wake Up" started and the lights went out the crowd went nuts! After seeing 2000 fans inside the ellipse area pointing at Bono in time with "Oh! You! Look! So Beautiful!" I new this was going to be a special night. The sound was absolutley perfect, I could hear everything really clearly, just as you would on their DVD's. It's hard to pick a highlight because the whole thing was amazing, but a couple phenominal moments were: 1. Watching Bono sing "Sometimes You Can't Make It..." directly in front of us. 2. Seeing Bono go absolutley nuts after "Streets". He seemed to genuinely be enjoying himself. After "Streets" he said "What was that?!?"... "Give me some more of that!" 3. Seeing Edge play right in front of us... it was amazing to actually see his guitar strings vibrate as he played them. 4. Seeing the interaction between the band members on the stage. Bono really calls the shots (eg the impromptu section of "In a Little While" after "I Still Havn't Found.." and the impromptu version of "Desire" which Bono proclaimed afterwards... "Not a bad little version!" Sorry about raving on... it was just so amazing! I hope you enjoy the photos

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