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"[W]e don't want to do anything that is ever going to embarrass our fans. That's why over the years we've turned down so many offers from companies who want us to endorse their products." — Edge

by Andrew T

2nd show of the tour and I've been fortunate enough to see both (sadly, there'll be no more for me). And while I enjoyed being in the elipse in Brisbane, having seats here meant I didn't get wet when it rained and had a completely different perspective.

The visuals nicely compliment the songs and the lighting, production etc. are all superb.

The set-list was identical to Brisbane which was a tad disappointing, however some of the old staples such as Pride, Bullet and Sunday held a refreshing appeal to me. They fit very well together in the setlist and are showpieces in their own right - Bullet belongs to Edge while Sunday had the crowd rocking!

The sound wasn't great but I doubt you'd get better in any stadium of this size. And it didn't detract from my experience.

The Fly really cranked tonight. Seems they have revisted this AGAIN since Elevation and this song continues to develop as they continue to explore it. Angel of Harlem was befitting for a night of partying and the band seemed to genuinely be enjoying themselves playing this.

Saints was very tight and I expect it will only get increased airplay following the tour.

And I experienced a whole new meaning to With or Without You, both at this show and earlier in Brisbane - the song has matured (or have I?).

Also saw the band emerge from the stands to go behind / under the stage during 'Wake Up' and saw them leave the same way following the last encore - Bono in all his rock-star glory complete with white towel bath-robe (it had been raining pretty heavily), and shadow-boxing for the fans that could see him - very rock'n'roll, very Bono on a night that surely reminded all why U2 are something special.

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