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[W]e're all members of the Frisbeetarian Order. . . . We believe that when you die your soul goes up on a roof and you can't get it down. -- Bono

by Justin

This was the second U2 concert I attended- went to both Melbourne shows, and they were both different! The first show was special, as it was my first U2 show, and being quite a fan I was very excited, and on a high all night! Infact, I did not sleep until the early hours of the morning!

This show I enjoyed also, the changes to the setlist were fantastic! I was dissapointed not to hear UTEOW on Saturday, but when Edge ripped into the unmistakable riff at the start my heart leapt into my mouth! And Bad/40 at the end just set it off, here I was expecting Kite would be the end of my trans-Australia U2 tour, when more came on! "How long must we sing this song..." I wished for ever, I never wanted to leave.

So now I just hop Australia is on the next tour schedule. I think the dedication of fans here can be shown, with most hanging onto tickets for about a year waiting (and hoping) they would announce a new date!

"Thank you Sydney!"

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