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"The final mark of greatness, I think, is emptiness. The least you need. That is true of music, painting, of anything." — Bono

by kevink

This was my 3rd U2 concert on the 360 tour, and my 3rd U2 concert overall (I've been fan since 2001, but my first two shows were not until Chicago, nights 1 and 2, in 2009). I came from Kansas City to Minnesota with a group of three other guys. We were on the field, about 20-30 yards back from the circle, I'd guess.

Interpol started things off at about 7:15, playing for a little over 40 minutes. I like their music, but they are not great live. They didn't have very good stage presence, and they didn't interact with the crowd very much.

U2 came on stage at 9:00. It started to rain about 15 minutes into the show. Edge had some technical difficulties during Until the End of the World, which I'd guess may have been rain-related. Dallas came out and fixed his guitar pretty quickly, and then we ended up getting a bonus extended instrumental section of the song before Bono got it going again.

It really started pouring during Zooropa. Adam took his shirt off at one point, and Bono took off his shades. It's really hard to describe this, but the rain did not hurt the concert at all. In fact, if anything, it enhanced the entire experience. As one member of my group said after the show was over, "I don't remember the last time I had this much fun in the rain!" The band fed off of the crowd's energy, and at one point late in the show, Bono exclaimed: "Wow! We don't know what's going on tonight, but we like it!"

When the show was over and Elton John's "Rocket Man" came on the PA system, my throat hurt, my ears were ringing, and my feet and legs were sore, but it was worth it. This was by far the best of the 3 U2 shows I have been too. I'm looking forward to seeing them on their next tour.

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