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"Basically, I don't play proper guitar." — Edge

by Rich

To follow up what the "review" above said, both bands showed up at the scheduled time. U2 took the stage at 9PM, the scheduled time for pretty much every North American show on this tour since '09. According to the venure schedule that security had before the show, Interpol was to take the stage at 7:15. They did. If you're going to post your review on this site, please ensure you have at least some of your facts right.

That being said . . . this was definitely among the most energetic and bizzare - and fun - U2 concerts I've been to. I was on the outer rail of the catwalk, dead center. Once the rain started falling (very, very hard at times), I knew one of two things could happen - it could either flatten the crowd energy or amplify it. I can definitely say it was the latter. The audio suffered some difficulties, most notably when Edge's guitar shorted out during the guitar solo from Until the End of the World. But it was one of those special nights that can't really be summarized solely by audio or vocal quality. It was one big party from beginning to end. I've seen shows that sounded better, were more refined, etc, but this was one of those shows that had that "x factor" that fans hope for when they go to any U2 concert. Lots of neat moments too - Bono sporting hats reminiscent of the JT and Popmart; Adam finally giving up on his drenched shirt and jacket altogether before Walk On; fireworks (not related to the show production) going off in the background as Stuck in a Moment ended; a huge thunder crack during One . . . just a very, very cool night!

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