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"Rock and roll loves its juvenilia, its caricatures, its cartoons. The protest singer, the pop star, the sex god, your mature messiah types." — Bono inducting Bob Marley into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

by Joseph Roberts

The first major outdoor concert in the Twin Cities in over three decades definitely lived up The Hype. Most of the show featured torrential downpours, at times the sky lit up with lightening, and half a mile away there were fireworks from the Minneapolis Acquatennial. All of this external ambiance added something very special to a great performance and reminded me of Red Rocks (sans the cold temperatures were in the 80s). There was great energy and powerful performances from all. Bono, in particular, seemed to revel in the rain. Singing in the Rain snippets were sprinkled throughout, with the crowd singing that song as the band made their way out of the stadium. Highlights of the show for me were EBTTRT, The Fly, ISHFWILF (surprising, as its not one of my favorites), a duet with Knaan on Stand By Me, and Moment of Surrender. The segue into Streets, with Bono singing a bit of Purple Rain from local son Prince, was incredible. The major highlight for me was Zooropa, one of my favorite songs of all time which I had never heard live. The great musical performance seemed to be driven by the rain, and it all added up to the best U2 concert Ive ever seen. The only negatives were The Edges remote failing after the guitar solo to Until the End of the World (could have been from the rain), and SIAMYCGOO kind of stopping the show (and not in a good way). Also, the parking was horrendous that neighborhood is not conducive to 60,000 people all leaving at once we waited an hour just to get of the parking lot. And maybe a beer or two would have been nice, but not necessary (no alcohol on campus rules). However, any of that was such a small price to pay for such a unique show in a unique atmosphere. Thanks to U2 for putting on such a powerful show in the elements I think the elements helped them go up a notch to 11. Superb.

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