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"If you're close enough to see the tattoo you're too close." — Larry, answering a question about his tattoo

by Jennifer

Awesome! Surreal! Set up in the Red Zone during the most epic concert yet. Monsoon-like rain from nearly beginning to end, and not once did the band slow down; rather Bono, Adam, and the gang seemed inspired to rock harder! Shirt off, Adam celebrated the rain along with the rest of the 58,000 fans that danced in the rain for the two hour festival of life! Lots of time was given to raising awareness to current crisis and issues in the world; and a special greeting from the space shuttle by Mark Kelly, Congresswoman Gabby Gifford's husband and astronaut. A tribute to Amy Winehouse, who was found dead earlier in the day.

This is my second time in the Red Zone (first was 2004 tour in St. Louis). While that was special, this was amazing. Outdoors, rain, and brilliant choice of music. And intimate, always. Even under a giant spaceship, 58,000 fans. Intimate.

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