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"I would hate to think everybody was into U2 for 'deep' and 'meaningful' reasons. We're a noisy rock 'n' roll band." — Bono

by adamgirl

This was my 2nd concert on this tour and will be in Omaha in Dec. My friend and I had a 3 1/2 drive before arriving in Minneapolis. We walked down to the target center around 4 and shortly there after we saw U2 arrive in a black SUV. Shortly after that Bono, Edge, and Adam game out. I couldn't get close enough to get an autograph and Edge went back inside before Adam and Bono did but I got some good shots and it was a definite thrill.

On to the concert. We were in section 112 row three next to the end of the stage on the lower level! What great seats! It was litterally impossible to take a picture of the stage and the end of the elipse in the same photo from where I was at. If anyone saw I was the one holding the ZOOROPA licence plate up a few times. I think they saw it.

This was better than when I saw them in Chicago this last May. I kid of missed the Zoo TV segment but that also felt a little commercial to. Wild Horses has never been one of my favorite songs. But in Minneapolis it was great and a nice homage to that era. It's a song that sounds better live than on recording. They all looked and sounded good and the evening was truly special. It even provided a few surprises like Miss Sarejevo and the premier of Crumbs. It was a great time feeling like it was a small room instead of a large arena. When Bono asked if anyone had been to Dublin and some people had cheered he said "you all lie." Then some people up front said they actually had and my friend and I and some people in front of us had also but Bono didn't notice in our direction, oh well. When any of them were on the elipse with the exception of Larry who stayed on the other side of it. They were about six to seven feet in front of us it seemed like when they walked by. The Minneapolis concerts to me always feel more intimate and special to me than the others and I prefer them that way.

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