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"Someone wrote in a bathroom 'God is dead: Nietzche.' And someone wrote after that 'Nietzche is dead: God.' I love that." — Bono


by Kegan

One word.... CRUMBS.

Finally, boys have added the treasure from the recent album and pleased the hardcore fans with a tight and rocking version of Crumbs From your Table.

Other notable moments were at the end of the show, after Yahweh, Bono, Adam and Larry walk up the catwalk back to the stage on the right, and Bono thinks that Edge is following, but Edge is actually already back up ramp on the other side.... Bono breaks into song "Edge....you take the high road and I'll take the low..." Funny. It often seemed like the U2 Variety hour. They are at the stage on the tour now where they are mixing things up.

It's great. Don't miss them on this tour. This is the best it's been.



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