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"About halfway through Pop, it occurred to us that as much as we enjoyed improvising with DJs and drum loops, we started to miss that quality that makes us U2." — Edge, on All That You Can't Leave Behind

by Petr J. Drahovzal

Well, it was "The Greatest Show On Earth".

As an all time U2 fan, me and my friends visited the very first apearance of the "magic band" in the Czech Republic. It was great to see those guys as they entertain the huge crowd of the well-tuned people. I myself was amazed and Bono too that the whole stadium started to sing along with the band and it felt just great. Few weeks ago me and my girlfriend broke up and I was down and not even in the mood to go to that concert I had been waiting for a long time. I decided to go just few days before it was scheduled and I did one of the wisest things in my entire life because all of the band, all of the people in the crowd made my day very nice.

I love the lyrics of the band and I find it very "giving" in my everyday life. I try to write poems myself and sometimes I feel I can understand those moods the guys had to be in when writing those words they sing. If it was possible I would thank Bono personally and buy him a drink as that was one of the things he said the day before the concert "Be good when you see us walking downtown and buy us a drink". And I was so lucky when I saw the band getting to the place (Strahov Stadium) before the concert, waving "Hi" to the people who were actually watching.

After the concert I was walking downtown. The whole night until 8 in the morning trying to review the show and silently singing some of the lyrics. I will never forget the night and even I was sad that I lost my great girl it was one of the nicest nights I ever experienced.

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