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I hear so many songwriters describe their songs as their children. . . . They're your parents, they tell you what to do. -- Bono

by NealP

Well, no one seems to understand our obsession with this band (and for many it is an obsession) but this show would certainly explain why we love them so much! I won't bother with a song by song review but instead give some observations about my 25th show going back to 86. First, the band was as loose and laughing as much as i have ever seen. "Larry Mullen Band" t-shirts?? Hysterical! Here's another-right before Bono sings "I want to run..." during Streets he turns and kisses Adam right on the cheek-Adam busts up...and i could give you a dozen more. Suffice it to say that Miss Sarajevo (which i had never before heard live) was so perfect i couldn't believe how good Bono's voice was-and i've heard it when it was pretty rough. Also, for me the little girl (12ish?) brought from the front row during SBS who SAT with Bono as he got her to sing the "no more" lines made it special as did the girl during WOWY and of course EXIT. And to the fan who said he thought they were poor-well, I'm sorry but the other 19,999 of us thought they made a great show unbelievable. I was inside the ellipse watching the 4 girls with their sign in front being very cool when Bono and Edge walked out to the top of the Ellipse (unlike the girl next to me who held up her "professor for hire" sign the ENTIRE show regardless of who couldn't see behing her-when Bono finally asked her to explain herself he took the book she had brought him and joked "great, i get the books, larry gets the girls and Adam has the large penis" See what i mean? THAT kind of a show) Anyway, i remembered Exit's guitarist being brought on stage to do Angel of Harlem in Anaheim 2001 and when I saw U-2's stage manger talking to them mid show I knew they would get pulled up. Very cool too-I honestly closed my eyes and couldn't tell that it wasn't Edge on guitar...and when they finished they put down their instruments, Bono called out for them to get "Larry mullen band" tshirts which i don't think they got...they walked back to their spot at the top of the Ellipse to thunderous applause and resumed watching the show LIKE ANY OTHER FAN! As Bono said "only in California", and for me it was nice to feel on par with the New York's and Philly's in terms of special moments. Finally, I thought the acoustic encores would slow the show down and surprisingly they had the opposite affect. It was also the longest show of the tour for me-2.5 hours and by far the toughest ga---brokers were getting 400-500 A PIECE the day of the show and i am convinced my giving one to a girl who waited in line since 4am for day of the release ga's one for face value was the reason I scanned RED and into the ellipse-karma is huge at U-2 shows. Finally at the end of 40 Lawrence came out and said in thick Irish accent "Thank you for coming to my party, please leave your gifts at the door, and thanks to Bono Adam and the Edge for being my back up band" What a show!

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