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"My talent if it's anything is my approach to the guitar by the use of effects, by non-acceptance of the usual approaches to the guitar." — Edge

by B

I think I can give a clear, concise, and accurate review of last nights U2 show at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles in one word: GO.

To elaborate slightly, whether youve seen this band before on this tour or any other, go. If you have never seen U2 live before, go. I almost didnt. I saw two Vertigo shows very early in the first leg of the tour. They were really good, but I figured that would be enough for me for this tour. Because I got a little caught up in the hype and excitement the day before last nights show, I decided to check TM to see if anything was available. When I pulled a couple of nice lowers, I could not pass them up. That was a good decision on my part.

The set list has improved since leg one, and Bonos voice has too. We all know that Bono has one of, if not the best voices ever in rock and roll. Last night, he was off the charts. He hit every single note, and did not ever take the easy way out by skipping any of the difficult high notes as he did earlier in the tour.

One of the highlights for me was Miss Sarajevo. Although this is not one of my favorite songs, it was amazing to hear live. The First Time was excellent as well. They played this song acoustically as they have a few other nights recently. I have read some negative reviews of that version such as It did not translate well acoustically. I could not disagree more. For me, it was the number two highlight of the evening. I was really hoping to get Fast Cars, Crumbs From Your Table and/or Original of the Species, and when Bono told the crowd that they were going to play a song that nobody had ever heard before, I knew Fast Cars was about to be played, and it was so good. That is my favorite track from Dismantle, and that song alone was worth the almost $200 I paid for my ticket. The rest of the show was just sweet icing on an incredible cake.

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