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We take quite a lot of photos where [U2] are laughing, but those don't get published. -- Anton Corbijn

by Apples

Ok. Last time I saw U2? Try the US Festival 1982/3 Bono climbed the stage in his first attempt to wave the white flag. It became music video footage after that. And they still got it!

I have to say, last night's show was awesome! If you don't know true intimacy, you had to be there on the floor behind the girl that was pulled up into Bono's arms help tight for With or Without You. It was almost hard to watch - it was an intimate moment. Bono obviously has a lot of personal strength to have held her so tight for the entire song. It was very moving -even though she was probably freakin' out inside.

So bummed I missed EXIT. I heard it was awesome. U2 truly inspires.

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