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Can we have some sycophants, is what I'd like to know? Even the people who work for us are rough. -- Bono

by Naranja

What a great show! I saw the initial leg in Anaheim last Spring from stage right... right above Edge. This time it was straight back and in the middle - full view of the stage and crowd. The lightshow on the curtains is amazing and is mostly missed from the sides/back.

I took my 10 year old son for his first "real" concert experience. He was rocking out for the first bunch of songs... played his favorites right up front (Vertigo/Elevation) and he pretty much wore himself out jumping up and down on the seat, mimicking Bono all the way through. Electric Co. rocks hard and I'm so glad they have kept it in the list. "The Ocean" is one of those... ummm... slooooow moments that loses most... how about "Rejoice" if there has to be an older song? "Refugee" or "I Fall Down"? All three would kill without killing the moment.

The sound was good for the most part, but (perhaps because of our location) the highs were pushed up beyond the point of comfort. A lot of the songs where Edge plays a repetitive pattern of chimes... well, it was drowning out the whole band. Love ya, Edge, but the soundman needs to know... besides, it's Larry's band.

Speaking of Larry's band, the Larry Mullen Jr. Band t-shirts were funny, as was Larry's comment at the very end; something to the effect of, "I'd like to thank Bono, Edge and Adam for being my backing band."

The all-girl band playing "Out of Control" was exactly that. They did a bang up job, and all I could think was, "Luhhhhhhckeee..." My son, on the other hand, was shouting, "THAT'S INSANE!!!" The crowd, on the whole, was pretty darn impressed, as was the band. Edge joined in on guitar and Bono sang backup and played tamborine. The bass player got a bit out of step, but found her way once they hit the chorus again.

While a fun song, "Fast Cars" didn't fit where they stuck it. Play it in the main set and pump it up! Contrary to what Bono was saying about nobody knowing it... many were singing along.

Loved it and am proud to have inducted another into the fold. They inspire the hell out of me.

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