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[W[e have to learn to understand that people who don't agree with the way we think -- don't demonize them. -- Bono

by Jonathan

What a night what a show!!!

This was my 8th of the tour and 15th overall. First show of the return leg. I was there opening night in San Diego and wow has the show taken shape.

There is something about LA that seems to elevate the band to even higher greatness. They love the town and have made it their home base throughout the West Coast Swing of this leg, so maybe that has something to do with it. Or maybe it's the incredible fans. But going back to the Pop Mart tour and a night at the Coliseum. Then to the post 9/11 shows. It just seems magic happens in LA.

Where to start? Well the band was tight, the sound was absolutely perfect and Bono's voice was the strongest I have heard in 15 shows. He was ON!!!

I was sitting in the Upper Deck 8th row to the immediate side of the stage and heading to the arena was worried about the sound. But man the crew had it dialed in perfect. Crystal clear!

Highlights, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bono's quote "this is your song now". How true that statement has become and it sent chills down my spine! Bono giving the reason why he takes his sunglasses off for SYCMIOYO. "his dad on his death bed asking him why he won't take those f--k-n glasses off" LOL. Miss Sarajevo and Bono just nailing the song. Miracle drug and Bono's intro razing the Edge which had me busting up. The all around playful fun loving feel to the show with Larry's birthday being the main motivation for it.

AND of course EXIT!!! That was one of the coolest things ever. Bono "it pays to advertise" walks over to the girls and has the faith to pull them on stage, not just to jam on his acoustic, but to hit the main stage and play the FULL bands instruments, 100% electric and pumping at 100 plus decibels to 20,000 faithful!!! Bono handing the instruments over "oh your the guitar player then you must be Edge" Bono sitting on Larry's riser with his hands in his lap as if to say "well girls it's your show now"! Boy did they nail it!!! It was obvious that Dallas had a heads up and had the Edge's guitar set up for the song. It's hard to say who killed it more. The drummer was spot on. The bass player didn't miss a beat. But the guitar player I have to give the biggest props to. I could have closed my eyes and would have thought the Edge was jamming down there. WOW. The singer was a little bit handicapped in that heck we have been listening to the voice of the real Bono for the last hour or so to that point. But she still did awesome and Bono jumping in to join her made it seem that much more like the real thing!! Holy shiaaat!! You girls rock and major props to you. +++Now if you girls read this I took video with my digital camera and caught most of your song from right above you. If you like, email me and I will get the disk to you with your performance on it!!! Sweet!!!

Guys a perfect mix last night!!! 9.9 out of 10. The only 10 being the post 9/11 shows that I hope we will never have the circumstances in place to reach!!!

Boy's play rock and roll.....and last night they did it to their best!!!!! See ya again tonight!!!

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