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"I want my work to be both trashy and precious at the same time." — Bono

by Johnny Got Lucky

Just got back from what was the best of 6 u2 shows I've seen. Our heroes had a few nights off to rest a bit and it paid off for all of the fans who came tonight. We first spent the day waiting in line trying to score some floor ga's. I think they released 8 tickets and we were too far back so we decided to use are reserved seats. It was a minor disapointment considering we made it to the floor on all 5 previous ocasions this tour. The show started off with City of Blinding lights with graffiti falling from the roof. U2 were tight and hit every note, beat and lyric on the money. The crowd was warmed up when they broke into Vertigo. The Band then played Elevation to a roar from the fans. Next were a couple of old tunes from the early days. Electric Co & The Ocean. Then U2 took us to the Joshua Tree with I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For at the end Bono dedicated then played a bit of In a Little While for Michael Hutchence former singer of INXS who passed a few years back. U2 took us up a notch with Beautiful Day. Then Bono made a statement about Childrens Hospital in Los Angeles then they played Miracle Drug. Then Bono sang a beautiful rendition of Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own. Then another song from their latest CD Love and Peace or Else with Bono meeting Larry at the tip of the Elipse and ending the song pounding on a single tom drum. Next the crowd went euphoric when U2 played Sunday Bloody Sunday. Bullet The Blue Sky was next with Bone blindfolding himself and singing some of The Hands That Built America. Then the show went where I had never seen it before. Bono and rest of the band played Miss Sarejevo complete with a story about a girl that the song was written about then Bono mentioned Pavarotti had collaborated with U2 to write the song then Bono sang the Pavarotti Solo in perfect Italian with the most amazing voice, maybe even better than the real thing, it was totally unbelievable. Next was Pride and service was in session as the choir sang in unison. The crowd went nuts when Where The Streets Have No Name was played. Then Bono had everyone who brought them raise and open their cell phones. He said it was a truly a 21st Century moment. One was then played and Edge seemed to play it a bit different at the start than any of the previous shows I had attended and Bono sang all the great high pitched notes as I had never heard him live before. The main set closed with Ol Man River. After a short break U2 came back with a song I didn't recognize Edge walking out on the left with an acoustic guitar and Bono walking out on the right singing. Next was Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of which was played to perfection. Then one of my all time favorites was played With or Without You, Bono again singing all of the hard parts and not skipping or improvising the lyrics. Then U2 waved and left the stage. I couldn't believe they would only play 3 songs in their encore. Then they came back for a 2nd encore...I was yelling out Bad...BAD ....BAD a song I have longed to hear live but it was not to be as they broke into one of their new tunes and a great one too, All Because of You. Then an amazing thing happened, Bono walked out to the tip of the Ellipse and spoke with someone and then 4 young girls came up onto the catwalk and joing U2 on stage. It seemed they were holding a sign up and caught Bono's eye earlier and they must have spoke to Bono earlier that they could play a U2 song. Bono stated as they walked to the stage that it better be true or their will be trouble. To all of our surprise and delight the girls each took and intrument and played great and old tune Out of Control. The drummer in particular was amazing. The guitarist played well at the start as I recognized the song in the intro. The bass player was great too. The singer started fine then she either seemed a bit nervous or overwelmed by the approving reaction the fans were showing and Bono had to help her out with the rest of the number. As the girls left the stage Bono stated that their name would be EXIT. Next U2 played one of my favorite new songs called Fast Cars which they started a bit slowly and Edge's guitar didn't sound loud enough to get the same feel as on the special edition of the new CD. But they got it going and ended it great. I continued my plea's to them to play Bad but to no avail as U2 went back to their 1st leg closing of Yahweh and 40.

It was an amazing night. We will be back tomorrow night in the reserved section again section 102 then on to Las Vegas for 2 shows at the MGM Grand. both of the Vegas shows we have floor tix so I hope to get some cool pix.
I shot about 50 pictures with a disposable camera and will post later after development.

Walk On!

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