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"It's always heartfelt, but he will intuitively go for the thing that works." — Edge, on Bono's stage antics

by The D.O.M.

I'm Back.....

I was fortunate enouh to watch this whole tour kick off , back in late March (http://www.u2tours.com/displayfan.src?ID=20050330&XID=4779&Return=) and boy have things gone a long way !

Tonight was definitely a Birthday party for Larry......We got the City of Blinding Lights video curtain that draped us from the get -go

.....then a better intro'd VERTIGO kicks us into a new gear and "...we're off !!!"....

it's Electric Co, it's Still Haven't Found, etc,

was waitng for Miss Sarajevo - a tune they didn't toss in til mid summer (in Europe...) It is worth EVERY NOTE- as chillingly good as everyone who has withnessed it says ....thanks to Bob Hewson for passing those Operetic chops onto his son .....WOW !!!!

I watched the show this time thru my buddy Dave (from work)'s eyes....he is an avid music lover, yet had never seen the guys til this show ...A NEW CONVERT - everyone !!!!!

as you will read everywhere in the next few ....the LA - all girl tribute band EXIT - had their moment TONIGHT....

It's surrealistically better than Rock Star with Marky Mark....it was Bono pulling these girls out of the crowd as he said "OK.....we're gonna try a little experiment here ......Drummer, Bass Player, Guitar player, Singer.....come with me....

He literally put instruments on all of em and the band took a seat as the girls tore into Out of Control (to which Bono even jumped in , throughout .....)

..... on behalf of LA- I think we are very greatful to you girls for sticking it out and letting us all live out some kind of strange dream too, last night .....everyone in my section was hollering for you ...it was a great truimph ....and proof that GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE !!!

just kldding- perseverence is EVERYTHIG in this town ...BRAVO !!!!!!!

will have pictures of this sometime tomorrow ...and since I am going to Wed's show too- I will report what I see n hear to my fellow conneseurs ......

How long to sing this song ?????

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