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I joined a band to hit things.-- Larry, 2002

by Bronwyn Kay Galloway

I flew from SF to LA and scored a ticket literally in the nick of time to see the Grammy Awards ceremony begin and catch U2 open. As they did (awesome as always!), and each time they won an award (four times!), my friend and I held up a banner I painted ten years ago. The sign reads
"U2: a Celebration"

During their last acceptance speech, my friend and I are frantically waving the banner when a neighbor grabs part of the banner and yells, "AWESOME SIGN!" and then screams at the top of her lungs, "HEY BONO! LOOK AT THIS!" After ten years of carrying this sign to countless concerts (at least half of my 33 U2 shows), Bono FINALLY acknowledged the sign! He waved furiously back at us!!!

I wonder if he realizes he gave me an Irish flag on 04/26/01 :)

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