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"I love the idea of carnival but it comes before Lent. You have to have both." — Bono


by Andrew Shuford

I was there on Sat Feb 7 for the rehearsal and sunday feb 8th for the show, working as an escort for talent. I can assure everyone who saw the broadcast that it sounded incredible in side the staples center. In hindsight and having watched the footage on tivo, I can tell you that something was wrong with the broadcast mix. At the rehearsal the day before, Bono was having trouble hearing the band in his ear piece and there was a lot of talk about the sound. Anywase, what I heard live, gives me a great feeling for the potential of this next tour. After hearing GOYB in person I have concluded that it is a sonic masterpiece musically. To be honest I'm still warming up to the lyrics, but I think this track will be great as a quick mid show upper perhaps after a more down temp song. Being the bands 1st live performance they were definitely a little rusty, but after some rehearsal I think the new material is gonna be phenomenal. During the rehearsal it seemed like Bono was taking over as director and giving camera blocking tips. Kinda funny to witness. After a couple of run throughs, suddenly he was having the crew build him a platform behind Larry's drum kit so he could be a silhouette against the video screen ala zootv tour. Anywase, the band was having fun up there and appear to be pumped about this material and so am I.

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