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I joined a band to hit things.-- Larry, 2002

by number1u2fan

I had GA Floor tickets for this show and me and my friend hit the bigtime getting inside the bomb shelter. We discussed this while in line on where we wanted to go if we did get in and we decided on either in front of Bono or in between Bono and The Edge. We got directly in front of The Edge! Damn, can that dude rock! He was simply amazing and is by far one of the greatest guitarist alive today, in fact EVER! It makes the show a huge amount of difference being that close to the band. 2 feet away from The Edge! And of course the rest of the band was very close on by as well. Especially Bono as he would come over to sing with the great guitarist. Still pretty much the same setlist with the addition of hearing The Ocean for the very first time ever for me.

Saw Ali standing in the walkway before her man took the stage. Many movie stars were there since it was in LA. And with this being LA, Bono had two girls at once come on stage during Mysterious Ways. One had to be a stripper or something. She was falling out of her top and the crack of her arse was shown with the low cut hip hugger jeans she had painted on. Bono laughed it all up. "Only in America" was his commment. I tried getting The Edge's attention all night and finally succeeded at the very end of Streets when his solo was over with. I yelled out, "Edge you rock!!" and he heard it and looked down at me. Everyone in my area saw it and recognized Edge was looking our way and everyone around gave him a huge oviation and he graciously bowed. It made my night! If only we had brought the camera in but my friend left it in the car. These guys will last forever with shows and music like this.

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