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"Never wear a jacket and your guitar at the same time. Ya know, it's just not a good look. But cool hats are good." — Edge, offering a fashion tip for guitarists

by Marlena

I thought the show was fantastic! The crowd was a little on the quiet side, but overall it delivered every heartfelt moment I had waited for. The new songs have a lot of words and it is hard for the crowd to keep up. The second reason for the low key audience may be the arrangements of the older songs are different. It is hard to sing when you aren't sure how and where the music is going to take you. My favorite new arrangement was Elevation. Very different from the Elevation Tour. Memorable moments included Larry's expressions when the second woman got on the ramp and chased Bono with the first woman (check out clip on U2log). After the song Mysterious Ways ended Larry pointed a drumstick at Bono and said something.... Bono turned his back to the audience to say something to Larry. Larry's exressions were really priceless. It was funny. I would imagine Larry said something along the lines of... Seeeee what happens... Overall a great great night and I was so sad it was over so soon - four years of waiting...I think I have to go to another show!!! Enjoy the photos I can only upload 6.

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