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"This man gave me my first and only job." — Bono, on Larry

by Neal Weichel

I have read the other reviews and share many of their feelings. I saw Anaheim 2 and both Staples shows and all 3 blew the roof off. Several observations for people who have yet to see the show. First, Bono is clearly enjoying himself and the band are clearly laughing and enjoying the experience. To see Bono and LARRY singing LAPOE together is something i have never seen before and after 4 shows i could see it 14 more and not tire of it. Next Edge's voice is just awesome. Yes, his VOICE. i said to a friend that he is practically perfect already on this tour. The guitar work in New Year's Day (not a song I would typically care about), ABOY and literally everything else is just amazing-how is he going to get any better as the tour rolls on?? Also, it seems that Adam walking the Ellipse during Streets, at least for now, will be a regular occurence. nice to see. Zoo Station was my personal highlight from Staples 1. Yeah, i know-Zoo Station of all songs. It has become the part of the show for bono and edge to do a little dueling reminiscent of UTEOTW but on a lesser scale-very cool to see. Also, the show definitly has "segments". For me I think the anti-war segment of LAPOE/SBS/Bullet/Running (dedicated each night to the military) is just powerful and i could have gone without ever hearing SBS again prior to this tour. I can't imagine this show without it. Then the Achtung Baby segment of Zoo Station/Fly/Mysterious Ways with Bono in full 1992-93 mode. I mean in San Diego he announced "he's back, and he's blind" and he clearly enjoys whipping out the old chachter. Both Staples shows were full of goose steps, Nazi marches, smirking and over the top mugging thruout and the songs sound GREAT! Both shows featured comments I didn't understand in German. Also, on night one Staples Bono did a quick rap about "Hello operator, I'm calling as the leader of the World's loudest Folk Band" It could have been Zoo TV and in a good way. Hearing Unchained Melody after One fit perfectly as well and helped satisfy those tuff U-2 fans who want a new twist over multiple shows. And honestly can you imagine 3 greater songs in a row than arguably their 3 greatest-Pride, Streets, One?. So obvious and as i said after Anaheim the flow of this concert-especially opening with COBL is just perfect. Finally, about GA. I only had ga tickets. i was bummed after San Diego. To literally stand from 1pm until 11 when the show ends and not see well/ be squished etc-tiring and frustrating. The last 3 shows were totally opposite. I was in the Ellipse (magic) then outside about 12 feet deep for both Staples. We went onto the floor at 7:30 had no problems, didn't have to wait all day, had a meal before etc-a very pleasant experience. If you must be at the very front then get there at 8am or whatever-if you want to be 10 feet behind that come 10 hours later-at least in SoCal. Can't wait for London/Dublin-calling all SoCal's-ROAD TRIP!

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