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"[Bono] gets impatient in the studio, and we tell him to f*** off, go and meet George Bush. And he does! . . . And then he comes back and he's been working on a lyric and he's fresh and really into it. So it does work out." -- Larry

by ninotcs

This is my third U2 show, and overall it was a pretty good one. For the ticket prices they charge, Bono should do less preaching and more singing. LIVE AID IS OVER, its 2005, get over it Bono (If he truly wants to help Africa, he should sell some of his private jets and Maseratti's that he owns). I'm paying to see a rock show not Bono's self promotion. iPod anyone?
My first show was Popmart - Sarajevo when I lived in Bosnia and it ABOSOLUTELLY SUCKED (Bono's voice was gone completelly, but the crowd was in good spirits - maybe bc they didn't see a rock show in 8 years and all Popmart s... looked interesting). During ZooTV, Sarajevo was mentioned on EACH show with a live link to the city, now that Sarajevo is out of Media attention, U2 doesn't care at all. They should really do the show there this summer to show respect to the people of Sarajevo. But I guess, they won't be able to charge arm and a leg there, so why bother, right??? Hypocrites.
But anyway, second show that I saw was Elevation - Pittsburgh, which I thought was really good.
I don't like the new album, it sounds really mainstream (sort of a mix between Ashlee Simpson and Maroon 5), so I wish they did less of it. Vertigo is absolute junk (maybe throwing iPods in the crowd would make it better)
Opening was good with City of Blinding Lights and the Streets is always great (Hey Willie WIlliams, bring back the classic Red backdrop not African flags). Whats next, picture of Pope John II on the screen???? That brings me to the next point. Don't waste precious show time on tributes. Yes, we know Pope is dead, but we're getting a new one any day now. Yes, he was a great priest, but the tribute is not worth my $1.25 that I'm paying per each minute of the show. All I want to do is see some rock, I have CNN at home for tributes.
I also liked the Fly, Mysterious Ways. That second girl was hillarious, that was chasing Bono around the stage (see other reviews for detailed desription of the moment) Accoustic Angel of HArlem would be a very nice touch to the set.

Overall, good show (not great, but good).
-Fans, enjoy the show, it should only get better, just don't pay $100s on Ebay, bc its not worth it. Its nice to know that all Ticket scalpels have the best tickets, and the biggest fans are stuck paying such rediculous premiums. That presale is the worst thing that they could do. What a scam
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