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"In art and love and rock ‘n’ roll, the whole had better equal much more than the sum of its parts, or else you're just rubbing two sticks together searching for fire." — Bruce Springsteen, at U2's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

by hosive tsang

two things i forgot to mention. I took my buddy Nick Lam to his first u2 concert tonite. It was magical for him. watching a u2 concert through the eyes of a first timer helped my appreciate the band all over again. It reminded me as a picky u2 concert snob, an average night for the band is still the real deal.

someone wrote me about my opinion on being inside the ellipse or outside it. your email got deleted by accident! why can't that happen with my spam? I think other reviewers may have noted that the band does not go to the "tip" of the ellipse that often except maybe for love and peace when larry and bono are out there. There is no acoustic set out there. or any set. yet. the band walks around but inside the ellipse is the superior experience. your tickets get scanned anyway. turning down the lottery win would be a mistake. write me again if my fuzzy meories of your email are faulty.

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