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The Unforgettable Fire was a beautifully out-of-focus record, blurred like an impressionist painting, very unlike a billboard or an advertising slogan." -- Bono

by Michael Niborski

The April 6 Los Angeles show was absolutely terrific. The set list was varied and well-played, particularly The Fly and Streets which may have been the two best versions of those songs I've ever heard (and I've heard a lot of them). The band came on stage to start the show with a subtle grandeur and exited after the second encore with class and grace, each band member leaving the stage in reverse order of celebrity (Bono, Edge. Adam, then Larry). The lighting, colors and TV screens were beautiful yet not overdone. The message of the lyrics and music was not overshadowed by stagecraft. Finally, Bono's tribute to Pope John Paul II followed by Mirace Drug was truly moving. Bravo!

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