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"Washington is not afraid of student activists and rock stars. But they are nervous when they see men with collars hanging out with students and rock stars." — Bono

by god61

Ladies and Gentleman, all I can say is WOW! I've been to four shows on the Elevation tour, and this just blew tham all away. The band was in top form tonight; feeding of a highly energetic crowd. Bono was loose and interactive with the crowd. Edge traveled the catwalk a couple times.
Even Adam made a complete trek and was wandering around stage all night.

Here are some of the main highlights of the show:

1) The Ocean played for the first time since December 1982. It seemed spur of the moment but was a precious treasure to enjoy nonetheless.

2) Several snippets of songs were thrown into the mix including "Under the Bridge", "I Can See For Miles", and "Unchained Melody".

3) Bono gets an LA Dodgers hat from the audience and holds it aloft asking "is this good?". He then puts on the hat and throws a jersey over his back.

4) Bono relates a funny story about the Pope and his Fly shades before Miracle Drug.

5) During Mysterious Ways, Bono invites a girl onstage to dance with him. SHe proceeds to stand there and hug him. Another woman leaps from the stands and jumps onstage and starts to come on to Bono. Bono grabs the first girl and runs around the catwalk with the second girl runnign after them. Bono collects both of the woman and tries to get them to go back to their seats. The second woman gets on hands and knees and crawls back towards Bono. He then proceeds to run away back to the stage and she finally exits as the song ends.

Anyway, this was an extra special show. I wish every U2 fan could have been there to experience it. I hope your concerts are just as good! See you on the road.

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