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"I hang out with every set. ... From the penthouse to the pavement but under the pavement." — Bono

by Marc M

Ok, so I went to the second night show at the last minute after a buddy called me up and told me he had an extra ticket. I'll keep this one short.

Very similar to last night's show, although "City of Blinding Lights" came first and "Love and Peace" took COBL spot in the middle of the set.

The "Unchained Melody" bit was a great reminder of the almighty ZooTV. Bono's flub on "Yahweh" was cute.

The best part of tonight's show was definately "40". Anyone else notice that Adam has a lead guitarists streak in him? He was busting out the whammy bar for a bit! Look out Edge. Adam's comin' for ya.

Great finish by the way Bono. The spot on the rosary. Very classy. No voice, no hearing. Great show. AGAIN.

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