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[I]t's the struggle, the fight to get it right, that makes U2 what it is." -- Larry

by Michael Friedman

What can you say? What can you f'ing say to describe these guys?
It was awesome. Let me tell you something and I need everybody to trust me...Bono's voice is perfect. I don't know what anyone is talking about when they say it isn't.

The show was awesome. From the first note to the last note. They were full of energy. They were working on all cylinders. One highlight was during Mysterious Ways..Bono brought a girl on stage and was dancing with her...and then this other girl jumped on stage and started dirty dancing...Bono grabs the first girl's hand and starts leading her away around the ellipse and referring to the second girl says "I'm a little scared" and trys to get away from her...lol...then Bono and the first girl get some safe distance, but the second girl catches up and Bono, like a stud, walks with both girls around his arms down the elipse. He gives a kiss to both of them as the song ends and the first girl heads back to her seat, but the second girl gets down on her hands and knees and starts crawling towards Bono. It was classic.

Pride, Streets, All Because, Yahweh...awesome as always...great crowd tonight and I went with people seeing U2 for the first time and as we left the arena they said "It wasn't a concert. It was a spiritual experience." Music to my ears. EXACTLY what I'd hoped they'd say without any prodding from me.

Thank you, boys. I love you.

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