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"It's a record about looking for some kind of transcendence as well as trash." — Bono, on Pop

by scrittoresabino

Vertigo-04-05-05 Well since this was not my 1st show of the concert I wont write a book like I did for the 1st one. 1st thing: That intangible thing that I couldnt quite explain, but knew was missing from 04-02-05(which was still an amazing show) was present here. I am pretty sure it was just a few minor adjustment it fluidity in-between songs, and slight adjustments in playing. Performance was equal to 04-02-05. The entire band was in top form. I dont know who was complaining about Bonos voice, but both nites I went he was amazing! He sings parts he would at time speak in previous tours, He is hitting EVERY single note on the harder songs, and I really did not want to see Pride, but he is really nailing it. And he is singing not shouting the high parts. He is delivering with a passion. He may have been more playful on Elevation in using the catwalk, but Ill take him throwing all his energy into singing over using the catwalk anyway. You can really see his intensity in his whole body while he is singing. The only time I have trouble is when he talks in-between songs its hard to hear him, otherwise from both the floor and nosebleed he was excellent and better than any tour Ive actually seen (all since ZooTV, several shows each) Only disappointment was absolutely zero change in the setlist. I was sitting behind the stage all the way up at the top, and still felt that it was an overall better concert than 04-02-05. The highs werent as high, and I knew every single song that was coming next but the performances, band, and crowd took it to another level. The band is getting tighter and better with every show. And this may have been the difference Every single song was performed to a peak. While Miracle Drug already reached the pinnacle greatness last concert (and matched it this one as well), Sometimes reached it this concert. And it is still early on, they will only get better! This tour has no dud songs or performances. ALL of the new songs are excellent, while I really like Yahweh to begin with on the album, in concert it becomes something else, it was really beautiful though some may disagree. There isnt one New York or Miami to bring the show to a grinding halt like on previous tours. While many people didnt know Electric Co., An Cat Dubh. Into The Heart, Zoo Station, Yahweh, and some even didnt know The Fly, it was extremely evident and palpable that they won the crowd over by the end of the songs esp. Electric Co and The Fly. This happened at both shows I saw, but esp. this one. The visuals are better from above then on the floor as you can see the lights on the stage. but again, for the most part the graphics suck. And again it didnt matter as the songs really carried the show through. The Pride Streets combo was even better 2nite. I got that anticipation and tingling all the way through the song, not just at the climax even without the red lights and white floods. My friend, who isnt the biggest U2 fan and had only seen them from literally the 2nd to the last row across the field of the monstrous LA coliseum, said Its strange but I got chills at the beginning of Streets he said it like this has never happened at a live performance for him. The crowd was great. All the usual highlights were excellent: Love and Peace, Vertigo, Miracle Drug, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Streets, One Mysterious Ways and now Sometimes. It is really hard to pick highlights now because City Of Blinding Lights, Electric Co. and even Pride have been so good this tour, and every other song has been excellent. I just cant say enough about the new songs, and also how much this setlist rocks harder than U2 ever has. Even though it was overall a better, and more fluid show than 04-02-05, the individual highlights of that previous show were stronger. So Id rank it about the same 9 out of 10, hmmmm maybe a little higher (9.25?), because the sum really did equal more than the sum of its parts on this particular show. This show really had that feeling throughout. Better than Elevation, definitely better than any Popmart show.

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