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"It's lucky I'm in a band. I'd be obnoxious as a solo artist." — Bono

by The zooman

well what can I say, my first u2 show, i go with my brothers and sister and my gf, thats already a good start!!!! since its my first u2 show actually live, i might be a little bias, but then again, i own almost every u2 official released concert on tape, so i know whats up!!1
Well with the concert, i was the craziest fan in section 301 and yea, since i knew how the concert started, i was one of the first ones to scream and stand up, even cursing. Everything in this night was so perfect, the show was amazing, and now i understnad even more why they are the best live band. People from my age (18) are not seen in these concerts often, and I feel bad for my young age group, all i have to say is that they are missing out on what is good!!! Afterwards I got home tired, i couldnt talk, i never screamed for two complete hours!! i recommend to go to this show, who cares about the glitches, that what live means, but its all good!!!

ONe bad note i left with the concert was how some older people discrminated me, those sitting next to my gf saying "these little kids think they are fans" but they didnt get in the way of my screaming and singing, for all i know is that at least i sang every single song they played, and they didnt, all they did was sit down and try to see bonos face with some crappy binoculars. who is the bigger fan, me enojoying the show, or them cuz they are older...hah, i know every u2 song recorde word by word lyric by lyric, but then again these people were stupid!!! dont let anybody around you not let you enjoy the show, you sing and scream and stand up as long as you want,, thats what you paid for..to enjoy the best show of your lives!!!!

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