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"I am still amazed at how big, how enormous a love and mystery God is — and how small are the minds that attempt to corral this life force into rules and taboos, cults and sects." — Bono, foreword to They've Hi-Jacked God

by diane m

Wow! I saw 1 PopMart and 4 Elevation shows, but last night was -by far- the best show, by anyone, I've ever experienced! Only the best band in the world, with 25+ years of giving us their all, can be so tight and yet so loose.
We were incredibly lucky to sit front row, about 10 ft. from Mr. The Edge's keyboard. It was a pleasure to watch the band up close, smiling, laughing, making little comments to each other. They looked so at ease, like they were having a great time along with their adoring audience.
LAPOE is an outstanding opener. I really appreciated hearing the 'Boy' set but it just seems to meander off. I wonder if, further on in the tour, they will incorporate 'Out of Control' as the natural segue from 'Into the Heart'. OOC has so much energy! But that is a minor quibble with a show that really seemed to flow smoothly. It was amazing to see Larry just bashing away with total concentration with Adam standing next to him, playing to him, Bono playfully dancing around and The Edge on fire, playing like there'd be no tomorrow.
Nobody like them! I envy those of you who have yet to see this show! Can't wait 'til November...

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