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"But the real reason why it's unlikely that I will take to the front for any length of time, is that Bono can't drum." — Larry

by James the RadioMentsh

So last night was the second Vertigo gig I've seen. I had previously seen the boys at the first night in Anaheim, and I must say, both shows were excellent, but Bono seemed much more playful and talkative here in Los Angeles. Instead of brining up a girl from the crowd, the B-man brought up a young boy, perfect for the song they were playing from that album, Into the Heart. He walked the young lad around the stage then actually set him down to sit next to Larry for all of Blinding Lights.

Since the first night in Anaheim had a completely reworked setlist, I was hoping U2 would do the regular set this time around just so I could see a different show, and to my suprise, they did, mostly. When I realized they were opening with Love or Peace, I thought it would be the same as the mixed up list, but they rocked right into Vertigo.

And what would a show in LALA land be without star sightings and dedications. Bono dedicated One to Brad Pitt, and also had all the lights turned off so he could see everybody's cell phone lights while they texted for the One Campaign.

I have lost count of the number of U2 concerts I have seen, but as always, every show is complete bliss. Can't wait to see them again come November when they return to the Staples Center.

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