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The bass player approaches the microphone. What's he gonna say? I feel bassless. -- Adam, at U2's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

by Marc M

"The Beanstalk". That's what Bono referred to their show, their spectacle being to Jack, the little boy he walked the stage with last night. I guess it's pretty fitting considering how often do you get to meet the giant, or in this case, the four giants in their home?

Love and Peace sounded great and the opening walk around with the spots, a cool reminder of elevation/RAH eras.

Vertigo really got the crowd going and the "Holas" seem to be the newest installment of getting the crowd really excited early in the show.

The older stuff, "Electric Co. and "An Cat Dubh" as mentioned in earlier posts definately did loose most of the crowd but then, it became very apparent which were fans and which ones were fanatics there. I loved it. And Bono even threw in the "Send in the Clowns" snippet from Red Rocks. Awesome.

Bono came and sang "Sometimes You Can't Make It..." right in front of me. Took his glasses off and sounded great. Definately one of the high points.

The cell phone bit was a bit funny/sad. Considering it's LA, the sheer number of cell phones in the audience lit up Staples brighter than the stage lights. I think the audio during the "Rights of Man" piece was a bit messed up. Didn't come in until the third article which, I guess is still early tour bugs needing to be worked out.

I personally loved the Zoo Station/Bullet/Fly bit. Had great energy and The Edge really was on top of his playing last night. Probably the most impressive song for me was Yahweh. I know, hear me out. Bono sang with Edge on acoustic at a higher, that's right higher key than even on the album. And Bono got every high note! It was really cool to hear him still working at the top of his range and sounding great.

And of course, "40". Awesome. Still, by FAR, the best track they ever close with. Ahh, the days of the War tour. Great show guys. See you in Phoenix.

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