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"[I]t sounds kind of boring, but you really make a lot better use of the day if you're not staying up till 4 o'clock in the morning." — Adam

by Randy Kelly Jr

Hey yall

Just saw U2 last night and it was mind-blowing! Have been to see them twice on the Popmart tour and once on the Elevation tour and I have to say that last nights show was one of the best Ive ever witnessed. I was a bit wary approaching this show as it was early on in the tour and some past reviews Ive read werent too positive, but they stormed it last night. Bono really looked like he was getting into the swing of things again, playing with the crowd and really feeling the music.

Theres seems to be mixed reviews over the inclusion of Zoo Station, but that was the highlight for me, from the initial opening bars it just rocked! Please U2 keep this in the set for the whole tour, it has to be one of the best songs for me and to see it performed live was awesome. It just captivates that era of U2 music.

I have to admit Im surprised they didnt play crumbs from your table as I was looking forward to hearing it live, maybe theyll play it in Europe when I am going to see them again in London.

Yahweh and the early 80s stuff like An Cat Dubh etc needs to go, I would have liked to see a few more from the 90s - gone from pop, or maybe even dirty day. I would have gone to heaven if the somehow managed to get in Lady with the Spinning Head and Salome!

All in all though, a great gig and they show no signs of slowing down. Cant wait for London bring it on dude!

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