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I hear so many songwriters describe their songs as their children. . . . They're your parents, they tell you what to do. -- Bono

by Gina

My voice is gone, my ears are ringing, and all I can do is count down the hours until I go back and do it all again tonight. This show is absolutely amazing, there are no words for how this band makes me feel. They played songs that I feel honored to have heard live. I'm not sure they'll ever be heard again. I am a part of history. This is the 3rd time I've seen Bono and the boys, and I'll see them again tonight. If I could live each day with the energy and intense emotion I get from these absolutely timeless songs, I would never want for anything. This tour is back to the basics, minimal lighting, in your face rock that makes me wish I was at their first show and every one in between. And to U2's biggest fan, Michelle, I hope you had yet another amazing night with Bono. I only wish I could have seen the look on your face across the arena. Anyone who goes to this show will love it, no doubt. Worth every penny.

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