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"Where are our roots? We don't have funky black roots. We don't have white rock roots. Our music almost doesn't seem to have roots. It's like totally our own." — Bono

by Vertigo Wristbander

first of all to the setlis: they played snipped of Sergeant Pepper's
Lonely Hearts Club Band after Beautiful Day, after second Vertigo:
Bono as a tenor with Audience performed happy birthday, after bullet
it was snipped of Please and Johnny(as always)

show with so many highlights: i think well know polish flag made by
whole stadium which looked really amazing and huge, and reaction of
bono who took off his jacket, turned it inside out and put it back on
to show the red lining inside.and something like" i m joining red
ones"(i saw that he was really touched by this)

before Mirce Drug Bono took girl from the audienc as a english
translator but as she said to the audience she wasnt good in english
and only wanted to be on stage with bono :), but finally she managed
to translate story about person who stole his sunglasses and gave the
rosary"it was very touching everybody started to shout
"dziękujemy" (thank you) and used their lighters as a symbol of
candle whne the song started.

whats more: during AIWIY bono took on stage girl and danced with her
than he sang some sinippet i think but i dont know what?anybody
so many great stories i forgot if somebody know please post

it was my first u2 gig but believe me i cant imagine better.so many
moving moments, so many great reaction from band at the audience
( Adam was standing one meter from me he was smiling like never
before)he was really enjoying the gig. and last one i dont know if
anybody saw that but before and after socond vertigo bono was telling
someting to the Edge(looked like in Torino, elevation) but i think
edge didnt want to joinn bonos idea. and finally the great happy
birthday(for who, audience, u2?)i think for everybody at the stadium
cos yesterday new kind of emotion, experience was born in me, whole
audience and i think in band and especially Bono as well. you should
really see that show, or maybe hear(hope for bootleg)persons who
werent u2 virgins and who were at that gig please post your
reviews...i m sure it was your best gig, cos as i said i cant imagine

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