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"They printed out the lyrics 'Monday morning, eighteen years of dawning/I said how long' as 'Monday morning, knitting years of gold' — which is much better!" — Bono, describing a foreign translation of his "Out Of Control" lyrics

by Kumar Ramanathan

I have been enjoying U2 so much recently. The Poland show was simply wonderful. I had about 7 hours to spare in and around the stadium that day, and I must say Poland is slowly becoming my favorite country of all time. I hail from India and Poland is much nicer.

The show was awesome. I wish I had tickets to see them in Toronto.

I love U2. Especially that song "Crumbs From Your Table." Too bad the band has soundchecked it 380 times and has not once played it live. It's the most important U2 song of all time.

Bless you.

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