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The good news from our point of view is that [Bono] prefers working on music more than anything else. And also he's unelectable. -- Edge

by Neven

"Hello, hello!" were the first words we've heard from Bono.
Before that, I travelled 21 hours (from Croatia) to get to Katowice, got in the GA area (not the elipse.. - our bus didn't arrive as planned :(( and waited there from 3pm til around 9pm when U2 came onstage! The Magic Numbers came at about 6pm, and then later, The Killers! More or less all that time it was raining, sometimes even heavily, so by the time U2 took the stage I was as wet as you can get! Fortunatley, just after The Killers finished, the rain stopped and everything was prepared for U2 to come up!
Although it was pretty cold (+ standing there all wet), within the first few minutes of Vertigo and the following songs, all the stadium heated up so by the end of the concert, I was totally dry! :)

The concert was great, it was my first U2 gig ever and it was well worth the money and (long) trip.
They had few little mistakes, but too few to mention! Also, I think the Edge's guitar was in some places too loud, ie in All I Want Is you...

As you've already read it, we managed to pull of the Poland flag by waving with red/white clothes and really surprised the band! (it was nice to "perform" something for them, too :)

I don't have the pics yet, so maybe later!

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