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"Music should be made for the head, the heart, and the feet. And when it's got those three, it's got it all." — Bono

by snow_white

I dont know how to start. I still hear songs in my ears and the thoughts are wandering in my head.
It was amazing show!!! Im from Slovakia and this was my first U2 concert. I had been waiting for this moment for 6 years, so, on 5-th July 2005 my dreams came true. I wanted to get to the first line of right B-stage and I got there!!! Bono was spending on the right stage more time than on the left B-stage however he brought a girl on the left stage when they were playing All I want is you.

He wanted to tell us some story about his stolen rosary and he was asking for someone, who can speak English, so he brought a girl on the main stage. She was little bit astonished and very happy so we dont know what the point of the story was :-).

I think, every song was perfect, because sound was great, Bonos voice was brilliant and he was having a good time. The most impressive moments for me were:

- Bono was praying for no raining, at beginning of the show. (Because it seemed hopelessly with the weather before the concert.)
- Beautiful pictures, which appeared on the screen through the Yahweh. (Sigh of Holy Spirit, Heart of Jesus, The Eye in the Triangle)
- The crowd was jumping and the stadium was really rocked.
- All the people from Poland were holding Polish flag through the New Years Day.
- The Human Rights, which appeared on the screen.
- I saw that Bono is natural and modest person. (And the color of his ease is pretty blue :-)

The negatives:
- The man from the crew dropped the sticks which Bono was playing with, to the audience. One of that fell 2 meters behind me and there were fans fighting for it. The crowd was pushing, I was in the first line, so I felt banister between my ribs.
- They played the same set list like to Vienna. I hoped for Whos gonna ride your wild horses, Mysterious ways or Gloria.

To sum it up, it was great night. I can only envy to the people, who has been more then once on their concert.
Thank you U2, thank you Poland. I hope we will see each other again.

Snow white

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