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"It's an extraordinary thing, I will admit, to have [U.S. Sen.] Jesse Helms to throw a lunch for you. You know it's bad for both of our images." — Bono

by Rakesh Moola Barosto Campalam

I come from New Delhi to see U2. Polish saw me as idiot when I was holding white cloth to form the Polish flag. I yelled: "Solidarity, brother. The people looked at me and they took my hand and raised it high as we sang New Year's Day together. The most poignant moment came when Bono sang the key lyric to the song: "We can be one." If any concert could be more moving and political, it was this one. This was the first time I ever saw U2, and from what I could tell, I was the only person of Indian descent there. It did not matter at all. Tonight, the Polish and this lone Indian engaged in an intercultural dialogue only a U2 show could generate. We held each other during One and sang together during the communal prayer of Yahweh. This show is beyond adjectives. I am limited by the words I use and I just don't want to say anymore because that's how special it was. One Polish fellow grabbed me and said, "Oh you look so Polish tonight." An obvious pun on City of Blinding Lights. I do wish that U2 will come to New Delhi. I know a great stadium there that's dying for their sounds.

I was fortunate enough to meet Shawn Bison who is traveling through Europe seeing the band. I wish I could only be as fortunate. Bison and I met as we ate some Polish Burgers. I was particulary not fond of them, but Mr. Bison seemed to eat the burger with such a delicate precision. I advised him not to sing with his mouth open.

Thank you, U2... we can and we will be one.

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