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"It's always confused people — quoting scriptures and then swearing at them." — Bono

by Shawn Bison

I huge urge came over me during "I Still Haven't Found" and that was the urge for dinner. I headed to the concesion stands in the lobby of the great stadium and tried what was known as "The Polish Burger" (a nice young English-speaking Italian couple translated it for me). The burger was perhaps the most flavorful and satisfying burger I have ever eaten in my life. And who would have thought I'd have it in Poland?

Ah, Poland. I am partially Polish, so arriving in Poland wasn't "exciting," per se, but merely curious. Almost immediately, I felt and saw a country struggling to become new again. Even today, 60 years after the end of World War II, the country struggles with its image, economy, and identity. I also noticed the largest U2 audience of 20-30 somethings ever. There was barely an elderly person or a child.

The show was a solid one, as U2 plowed confidently through their most-played setlist of the European leg. I felt proud of many things during this show and, for some reason, extra-emotional. I was proud of the precision and flawlessness of "Miracle;" proud of Bono's high notes in "Sometimes;" proud of the Polish peoples' display of classy patriotism during "New Year's;" proud of Bono's terrible drumming in "Love And Peace;" proud of my Judaisim during "Zoo Station;" and proud of still not wanting to hear "With Or Without You."

I was also proud of The Polish Burger.

As my Polish great-grandmother used to tell me when I was 3, "meinch liveir pinshon pil boos" ("life is something to cherish").

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